Project Radix – Putting Down the Vocational Roots

Even though the peak of applications for asylum in the European Union was reached in 2015/ 2016 (UNHCR, Eurostat), the challenges for refugees and migrants are still huge, especially when it comes to the professional side. The linguistic barriers should not be underestimated, particularly since every vocational sector has its very own vocabulary and expressions. In order to facilitate the entry into the labour market for refugees and disadvantaged groups the six international partners of the successful Compass project (2017-2019), which has been certified as a project of good practice by the German National Agency, got together again. While in Compass it was about enabling the first contact between migrants and local authorities, in our new project Radix we are aiming to develop a vocational data base for professional preparation and orientation to be used by 1migrants and disadvantaged youths. The website and will offer flexible translation into 11 key languages spoken by the majority of migrants including Arabic, Pashtu, Albanian, Kurdish, French and the six languages of the partners from Spain, Great Britain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Germany. The project is funded by the Erasmus+ program by the European Union and has a runtime of two years (10/ 2020 – 12/ 2022).